ImageMichael Sam, an excellent pass-rusher in Missouri, who announced publicly that he is a gay recently, draws tons of attentions and debates of fans, players, scouts and media.

I was a bit surprised by him the first time I heard about the announcement because gay is not a topic in China as popular as it is in America. But with a deep consideration and judgment, nothing should be triggered since that happened on an American football player. From where I stand, Gay doesn’t matter in Sports.

When it comes to Sports, for real sports fans, no one would give a shit to whether the one on their beloved team is a black or white, tall man or dwarf or gay or straight man only if he can bring them masculinity, toughness, spectacular performance and Championships. So Why are there some asserts that the career of Michael Sam would be guillotined as his declaration as a gay?

I attribute that to some jealous minds and despicable tactics. Just think about the situation after LeBron James spoke out his decision to bring his talent to the south coast on a nationally broadcast TV-show. Almost all the prophets, followers, supporters and prayers once claimed that he is their relative, idiot and God become opponents, dissidents, enemies, adversaries and shrews who abuse “fucking Lebron, son of beach”. All the love deformed to hatred. “Emperor” became “Chimpanizee” while Lebron was still that Lebron with the only change, from Cleaveland’s 23 to Miami’s 6. Maybe you would say it’s LeBron who betrayed Cleaveland first. But I would say that it is because you are not a Miami fan or real LeBron James fan. It is obvious that if Lebron chose to join Chicago Bulls, people there wouldn’t abuse and hate him like they are doing now. The trigger of all the negative emotion to LBJ is a kind of jealousy.

I predict that similar situation is happening on Michael Sam. Since he is not a NFL player now but a stout football player who will join the draft, the teams which have no chance to get him will probably take advantage of his publicly careless proclamation as a gay to generate some negative rhetorics around him, hoping other teams would forsake him by virtue of these. That’s totally jealous and despicable tactics.

GM of the teams will not surrender him just because he said publicly that he is a gay if he really fits the team and has potential to become a major block of the team. Just as it put in “Michael Sam will be a role model” on, “Working with gay people does not interfere with success. Sam’s NFL teammates will handle his sexuality in much the same fashion as his Missouri teammates”. To be honest, sexism, racism, sexuality, unfairness, homophobia and so forth are really existing and longstanding social problems in America. But I would say when it comes to sports, all these problems whatever how series they are, will be sheltered and concealed by the determinant of the competitive sports-superb athletic power.

Let’s throw our view back to the main Character of the “Friday night light”-Boobie Miles. “ It was something else, more than just strength or speed, a kind of invincible fire that burned with him, an unquenchable feeling that no one on the field, no one, was as good as he was.”(Ch.7 Bissinger) This is Boobie Miles. “a big of dumb nigger”. This is also an evaluation to Boobie. However, the former one is to invincible football player. The other one is given in an assumption which is “ what if without football”. Racism doesn’t matter in sports. So doesn’t gay.

When Michael Sam wore his football outfit, tackled down the rival quarterback fiercely, touched down in earsplitting cheer, no one will care about he is a gay or not.